Scoliosis Post Op: 2 Years! + FAQ's

Hello, Lovelies! I get to celebrate 2 years of post-op, and believe me it has been quite the journey, and I still feel like I'm healing! Now even though this is posted on the 18th my post op was actually on the 13th, but I actually had another surgery seven years ago on this day, which was a bone graph for my cleft pallet, I accidently got the dates confused, but I kept with the scheduling of this post that way I wouldn't rush this because I really want to go in depth of where I started and how far I've come with scoliosis.

So without any more rambling, let's get started!

This is what scoliosis looks like...

16 Essentials for Vet Tech Students

Hello, lovelies! I start school in less than a week now, and I’ve really been struggling with what would be the best essentials for new Vet Tech students to invest in to go to class prepared on the first day! I googled for hours finding nothing! Nothing that wasn’t simply pencils and paper. So that’s where I turned to nursing student essentials. What’s the difference!? Oh yeah, people, but really the needs of the student are pretty similar. Here's what I came up with to be essentials, next week I’ll check back in to let you know if my list holds up! 

Neon Social Icons

Hello, Lovelies! I have a brand new set of icons for yall! They are so fun, playful, and bright! They are inspired by neon colors, but they aren't so neon you can't look directly at them. These icons are completely free for you to use for personal use, all I ask is if you would use them for commercial use that you give me credit and let me know!

DIY Pineapple Earbud Holder

 Hello, Lovelies! I have an exciting DIY for you all! I apologize for being gone for so long, promise this will make it up to you, with this little pineapple! Since summer is here and I'm sure those headphones of ours will be with us constantly, I thought, why not make a cute little holder for them, so Pinterest was my friend, and blessed me with the inspiration of this! Read to the end of this post to find a special video!

An Open Letter...To The Man Who Treated Me Like Crap

Hey guys, its Katie! I decided to start a series of posts. The series will consist of open letters to the people in my life that I haven’t spoken to in a while. These are for the words I left unsaid. Maybe the moment deserved it’s silence, or maybe I was too afraid to say whatever it was. Some will have bittersweet moments, but some will consist of the moments in life that shapes us into the person we are. I found in writing some of these that I found closure in relationships from my past that I haven’t been able to truly find in years. If your are struggling with a relationship in the past or even the present, maybe writing a letter that never reaches them might help, even if it’s just a simple letter having a “conversation”. With that said here is a letter to all the men that in some shape or form didn’t treat me the way I deserved, or maybe just wasn’t meant for me.

7 Days to Skinny Jeans

Hey lovelies! I recently found a workout and meal plan to get your body on track from stuffing it through the holidays! Those jeans just don't fit as nicely as they did back in August.

Free Social Media Icons + Buttons

Hey guys! I finally got the hang of a new program I got for christmas! I decided I would test my knowledge and make some icons and buttons for the blog, but why not share them with ya'll!

I made all these icons and buttons with Affinity for Mac, and I really underestimated this program! I figured it would be a major step down from photoshop or illustrator, I figured I would run into bugs or features that wouldn't be very good, but I was really surprised! It's not photoshop, but for beginners it is a great start for only $50!