Neon Social Icons

Hello, Lovelies! I have a brand new set of icons for yall! They are so fun, playful, and bright! They are inspired by neon colors, but they aren't so neon you can't look directly at them. These icons are completely free for you to use for personal use, all I ask is if you would use them for commercial use that you give me credit and let me know!

sugared neon-surf room. can be toned down a bit but I like the turqoise, blue, and yellow:

I'd like to offer more icons, but I need help. I was inspired by this image by design seeds. You can check out their blog here. So if yall can do me a HUGE favor and share with me your color pallet ideas, I'll do you a favor and offer more social media icons for yall. This is a great way to get your own personal icons for your blog and to brand better!

To download these icons use the button below:

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