DIY Pineapple Earbud Holder

 Hello, Lovelies! I have an exciting DIY for you all! I apologize for being gone for so long, promise this will make it up to you, with this little pineapple! Since summer is here and I'm sure those headphones of ours will be with us constantly, I thought, why not make a cute little holder for them, so Pinterest was my friend, and blessed me with the inspiration of this! Read to the end of this post to find a special video!

Arn't they just adorable!

You can use different colors to really personalize your pineapple, but I opted for the typical yellow and green. 

I even made a template for you to use to make sure your pineapple is perfect as can be! I break down what you'll need down to the amount of beads!

Here's the Template for your very own pineapple, download it below!

While you're at it, check out the youtube video I made to go along with this adorable project! 

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