16 Essentials for Vet Tech Students

Hello, lovelies! I start school in less than a week now, and I’ve really been struggling with what would be the best essentials for new Vet Tech students to invest in to go to class prepared on the first day! I googled for hours finding nothing! Nothing that wasn’t simply pencils and paper. So that’s where I turned to nursing student essentials. What’s the difference!? Oh yeah, people, but really the needs of the student are pretty similar. Here's what I came up with to be essentials, next week I’ll check back in to let you know if my list holds up! 

Studio C XTRM 1" Binder, Light Blue

X-TRM Binders - These binders are a Walmart exclusive by Studio C. I love these binders because they are so heavy duty! Plus they come in pretty colors. I figured this profession has a lot of labs and I’ll have plenty of contact with animals, which means I need something that can handle some wear and tear! These binders are amazing! I got enough binders to have one for each class. Check them out online here!

Make sure you get some dividers with pockets to double as folders, some loose leaf paper, and page protectors for important notes)

Planner - You will need something to keep you on track with your assignments, and everything else going on in your life!

Post it Notes - Even back in highschool I used these bad boys to mark my places in books, write extra notes ontop of my old notes, write reminders for myself and stick them on my planner, on my laptop, etc. These are like little statinary life savers! 

Displaying image.jpeg
Displaying image.jpeg
Expandable File Folder - I chose this instead of individual folders because it’s less for me to carry around and to loose! I got one that had 7 pockets because my classes averaged out to 6 per semester. I didn’t want one with 12 pockets or less than 6. Soon I’ll be posting how I organize the file folder and my binders, so keep an eye out for that! :)

Laptop - Where do I start? Studying, writing papers, researching, the list goes on! I love using Pinterest to look up anatomy charts. I also use it to keep copies of my work. (Invest in a printer to scan all your notes, classwork, and other important papers for class)

Stethoscope - I did not purchase a stethoscope because my school provides that for me, but I did find other schools that required students to purchase one. I have looked at them and found one that I liked and want for graduation. I’ll link to that here so you can check it out yourself. 

Clipboard - I got this bad boy (or girl, since mine’s pink) for labs. It opens up to store paper, pencils, and even my phone!

Pencils and Highlighters - I got brand new mechanical pencils, color pencils, and highlighters. The colored pencils I plan on using in anatomy. Highlighters are to help me study my notes. The mechanical pencils are pretty obvious of why I need those, haha!

Utility Tote Bag -  This is going to be my best friend to tote all my supplies back and forth to school. While I have my backpack as well, this will store the supplies I don't need at the moment in my car, instead of being strung all over my backseats! haha

Scrubs & Tennis Shoes- I bought two pairs of scrubs in two different colors. One pair I got to match my school colors, because...well, school pride! I wanted scrubs that had a little more style to them and really hugged my curves, cause I wanted to feel like I looked good wearing them! The brand I bought them from is Purple Label Healing Hands. They are good quality and so cute! They are about $20 for the top and $23 for the bottoms. I got mine at Magic Mart but you can check them out here online! As far as tennis shoes go, invest in a good pair, you will be on your feet a lot and lifting heavy animals, you need all the sole you can get! xD

Now time for a free printable right?! Use this to make sure you get all the essentials for class! Take it with you to Walmart and shop away! Click on image to download!

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