Free Social Media Icons + Buttons

Hey guys! I finally got the hang of a new program I got for christmas! I decided I would test my knowledge and make some icons and buttons for the blog, but why not share them with ya'll!

I made all these icons and buttons with Affinity for Mac, and I really underestimated this program! I figured it would be a major step down from photoshop or illustrator, I figured I would run into bugs or features that wouldn't be very good, but I was really surprised! It's not photoshop, but for beginners it is a great start for only $50!

Check out the icons and buttons!

Enjoy these chic watercolor icons and buttons!

These are free for personal and commercial use, all that I ask is for credit and a link to me.  I'd love to see how they are used! You can't resell or redistribute these files. Comment below your blog if you use them! Thanks!

Comment below if ya'll want blank icons or buttons to make your own with custom fonts and icons! 

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  1. I've been trying to tidy my blog up and I'm not sure that I am doing very well but thank you!!!!