Wishlist for Organizing My Desk

Hey gals!  Sorry for the long break from posting... I've been busy with the holidays! I had a great christmas! Hope yall's was just as amazing! 

For christmas my mom found a Thomasville Faux Bamboo desk on the side of the road! She took it to get the leg fixed and the drawers.I get to wake up and go paint! :) Yay! I can't wait to share with you all my newest edition to my cluttered room...but with a new desk with more drawers, hopefully I can minimize that! My desk right now is a old, metal, painted thing. It's adorable but somehow the legs were removed from past owners and someone rigged up some new legs, which were a little short...and I'm 5'2" so I believe it was a small child's desk before it reached me. I love the desk it's so vintage and durable but it's heavy and the drawers are deep pits for all my junk to fill...and not in a cute organized way... I could probably spend a weeks worth of time just organizing my desk...only to go back a month later and have to reorganize again!

Here is what my desk looks like now...

Needless to say, my study/work space needs some work...

That ugly plastic drawers with my printer on it...you can see I tried to dress it up with duct tape...didn't work. Im going to get rid of that when my new desk is moved in. I love the character of my desk now, but it just doesn't inspire me like your work space should! The only things I love are the little floral tote underneath my desk (that came from a thrift store!) and my chair. My mom actually painted and recovered the seat for my birthday. The seat was a torn up black faux leather and the chair itself looked like brass and the back was untreated wood. It wasn't exactly a statement piece. 

Here's a "wish list" of stuff to decorate & organize my new desk!

Desk Wishlist

Braided rug


Canvas wall art


Pink home decor


 I'm a sucker for desk organizers. They make me happy and tingly inside...ok not quite that happy but they are nice for the clutter that always seems to consume my desk...

Watercolor painting


For some reason I've always been fascinated with lips...ever since I was little I had a tube of lipgloss. Maybe it's because I've always been interested in the way people speak, but this is my favorite art, I would love to recreate it with my own spin! 

Dot Bo flower planter


I have become OBSESSED with planters...and I'm not sure why, but I'm loving it! Last summer I planted herbs to make my own spices since I love using them and it's obviously cheaper to make your own! I might keep some oregano on my desk since it's right by the window :) 

Honey Can Do file organizer


I loved this file organizer! They are only 6" wide so if you need to store old files you can easily slip these into a closet and not take up much space. I have a filing cabinet in the spare room closet and put old important papers in there when I clean out my files, I usually keep the last six months of papers in a easily accessible place. These are perfect for this method of organizing your papers!

Adjustable desk chair


Although this chair is WAY out of my price range it gives me inspiration for that chair I saw at the thrift store today...might need to go get that tomorrow ;) 

Hope you all enjoy these organization & decoration products as much as I do! I love finding new ways to organize my desk and room...even if I'm never truly content.

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