Must Have School Supplies for College - Veterinary Technology Edition

Hello, it's Katie! It's been a long summer and I'm so excited to go back to school, but I needed to prepare before classes start. Since last year I've learned a bit about what I need and don't need since my post last year before I started school. You can check out 16 Essentials for Vet Tech Students by clicking here.

Now that I have experienced what all I truly need and don't need, I can help ya'll better prepare. Whether it's your first year or 2nd! Last year I researched a lot on what Nursing students need because I really couldn't find a whole lot for veterinary technology students. Since we are practically nurses except for our little fur babies I figured it would be the same, and I wasn't far off but not exactly right either. 


Binders: I love getting different binders and decorating them. I made binder covers last year for mine. I also made some for this year. If you're interested in getting access to those, subscribe to the blog and get access to freebies!

Paper: My #1 resource for you to get before ANYTHING else would be PAPER! Thankfully I had a dollar store right next door to my school, I made trips there between classes sometimes because I would run out of paper. I took so many notes! 

Post it Notes: I always have post it notes, I can pretty much guarantee I'll use them at least once per class. Can you ever have too much post it notes? My anatomy text book says otherwise back from last years finals...

Index Cards:  They are awesome for keeping your drug classes and brand/generic names organized and in a format easy to study. They're also awesome to make parasite cheat sheets by getting the large index cards and adding photos to them and quick facts! If you would rather save some trees you can try quizlet however, you can only use specific images they have unless you want to pay a fee. I haven't looked into the fees but I don't think it's too expensive, but hey, already a broke college student, I'll stick with some index cards.

Folders: I like to keep at least one per class to keep extra papers in, I don't have any tips and tricks for these, but you may need them.

Dividers: I liked to keep my parasite lecture and lab notes in the same binder and use dividers to distinguish between each class. The same went for my anatomy lecture/lab, and surgical nursing. You could go the extra mile and divide up each chapter!

Planner: Between classes, preceptors, and labs at other clinics you're going to need something to keep it all organized. Whether it's an app on your phone or paper, you'll need something to keep track of assignments and where you need to be and when.

Writing utensils

Pens, Pencils, highlighters! OH MY! You'll need all that along with coloring pencils/crayons, highlighters, dry erase markers and sharpies. I used pencils for my notes so I could easily fix mistakes. Highlighters to highlight important parts of my notes and coloring pencils to color code everything from anatomy to microbiology diagrams. 

I recommend pens, highlighters, dry-erase markers, and sharpies for your preceptors and labs. When I started my preceptor my clinic is always writing on the white board for treatments, in charts with a BLACK ink pen, highlighting important information on discharge sheets, and using sharpies for labeling surgery packs. These are always good to have in class too, you'll never know when you may need them!


Laptop/Tablet: You may like to take notes on your laptop/tablet, instead of taking them on paper. It's really preference, but you will need a laptop for presentations (I only had 2 in my first year). I also used my laptop to study and help with my homework.

Wrist Watch: I recommend this so you can keep time when checking heart and respiration rates. Nothing fancy, just something to time yourself.


Scrubs: I would get a few pairs of scrubs that way you have extra pairs. We all forget to do laundry sometimes! When I first started school I had two pairs of scrubs...Now I have about 6 pairs. You can play with some fun patterns too. I like to look for scrubs at places like Marshalls and Burkes. If you have a  Magic Mart close to you, that's also a good place to shop for them. My favorite brand is healing hands. You can check out their lines of scrubs here.

Shoes: If I could give you any advice on what the best thing to invest in, this would be IT! You will NEED a good pair of shoes. After my back surgery, I have had a hard time finding shoes that give me the support I need and also the style I want. I'm super picky when it comes to shoes, but if you can find a pair that keeps you comfortable after standing all day you have succeeded! Also, when you find that miracle of a shoe can you please email me when I can find them! I still haven't found the perfect shoe, but I highly recommend buying a good tennis shoe, don't buy cheap shoes for this line of work, your feet and back will make you regret it after working a 12-hour shift! Also, don't forget SOCKS!


Backpack: I used a few different bags throughout my first year, I recommend a really good backpack, you'll have lots of text books and depending on where you go to school and how your classes are set up you may need to carry them with you all together. I didn't have to I could go out to my car between classes and get what I needed without carrying a ton of weight all day. 

Storage Tote & Crate: I keep a storage tote in my car with extra paper, writing utensils and other supplies because you never know when you'll need them. I also got me a crate to hold all my books that way they weren't strung all over the back seat of my car. It kept everything nice and neat in my car helping me to stay organized all year!

Miscellaneous/Bonus Materials

Stethoscope: Mine was provided by my teacher and paid for within the costs of my tuition and books. Stethoscopes can get pricey so if you know any other vet techs or nurses in your family see if they have an old one they don't use anymore. Sure it won't be the greatest, but it will be something to start with. My stethoscope only cost $25 and works just fine.

Clipboard: I shared this last year with ya'll and I really didn't use it much until I started my preceptor but once I started using it, I LOVED IT! I kept all the important papers I needed for my preceptor in it with me at the clinic. Papers such as my check off skill sheets, rules & guidelines, papers that needed signatures, time sheets, etc. It could even hold my extra writing utensils!

Stapler: All last year I kept finding myself asking "where's the stapler?" I got tired of asking and bought myself one for this year...I actually got 5pts taken off of homework once because it wasn't stapled...moral of the story just spend the extra 3 bucks and get a stapler. Tip: Go to the dollar tree and get it even cheaper!

3-hole punch: I have one of these at my house already, but I recommend this for even more organization and a stress-free life, get one that is attached to a ruler that fits in your binder! That way you have one with you wherever you go!

Page Protectors: They are really just preference, you'll have some pictures/charts/tables that you may want to protect or use to study.

Printer: I was going to put this in the category of electronics, but I remembered I used my school printer the majority of the time to save myself the cost of ink and paper, but if you are like me and like color images instead of the dull and boring black and white, you'll appreciate having your own printer. I used my printer for study aids like the diagram of a heart or printing off labeling sheets of different muscular systems, labeling the brain, etc. I do suggest using your school's printer due to how much you can save and that's why they have it, for you to USE. Take advantage of the free materials they provide.

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You can download the new and improved school supplies list now! It has a lot more items to help keep you organized and succeed in all your classes! Hope you enjoyed this post and freebie you can download it below by clicking the download button.

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Thanks for stumbling upon my blog, until next time...


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