The Best Exercises For Scoliosis

Hey guys! As I stated in my previous post, I want to give you some ideas for exercises if you have/had scoliosis. Maybe you have scoliosis and want some exercises to try to correct it naturally, or maybe you have had spinal fusion like me. Due to the fact I wasn't able to correct my spine with exercises, the exercises for scoliosis before surgery will be only links, but I have researched to try to find you the best sources. For those of you who are post op scoliosis champions, I will be able to go into more depth as to why some exercises are better than others. 

For those who have not had Spinal Fusion:


Style Craze: Top Ten Scoliosis Exercises and Their Benefits

Pilates Happy Hour: This girl has a youtube channel devoted to pilates, but here's the kicker, she also has videos just for those with scoliosis. She is a physical therapist.

Exercises to Avoid: Avoid these, they could worsen your curvature and cause more strain on your shoulders and spine.

For those who have had Spinal Fusion:

  • Meet Julie Wilkins! She had her spinal fusion around 30 years ago! She is now a yoga instructor. I tried yoga after my surgery, but it caused me more pain, but that was because I was doing yoga that put strain on my spine. I have searched so much to find someone that could show me yoga that was specifically for me! Check out Julie at her website and youtube. She gives great tips and advice! 
  • Walk. Simply walk daily, find a park that has a good walking trail, walk around your neighborhood, instead of driving to the store that is at the end of your street, walk. Walking is the best way to get active, but also keep a low impact on your spine. 
  • Swim. Swimming is a way to get your muscles moving but it's so relaxing. Join a gym with a indoor pool for the colder seasons, and in the summer go swimming in your pool or a friends. Go to the beach and challenge yourself with some waves. I love the ocean so this is a great way for me to workout, but not exhaust myself.
  • Do short workouts. Longer workouts don't give you much time to rest and put more strain on your body. The old saying No Pain, No Gain, DON'T listen to that anymore. Pain is your body's way of saying STOP. Listen to your spine in this instance. 
Specific Workouts:

Squats: Squats have always been a strong point for me. If you want to tone those legs and butt, get to squatting! 
Lunges: Lunges are a easy exercise. They come second to my love of squats!
Wall Sits: This keeps your spine straight and you can lift small weights while doing this to work your arms, core, and legs! It's a great exercise.
Planks: This can be a little difficult at first, try strengthening your shoulders and core a little before doing this, if you use these exercise and rely on your shoulders it can hurt.
Sit-ups: These do not require you to bend your spine so anytime I am doing a workout and crunches are included in that I swap those out for Sit-ups.
Weight Lifting: If you enjoyed weight lifting before, start with a very light weight now. I have 2lbs weights just to add to my workouts, but I have not tried weight lifting yet. I'm actually kind of afraid, that will be for another post to tell y'all about! be sure to talk with your doctor about weight limits for this one. I do not recommend going over 15 pounds even if it's been over a year after your surgery. Remember talk with your doctor!
Mountain Climbers: I like this exercise because it strengthens my legs, arms, and core. You're back must be straight and that makes this an almost comfortable exercise.
Flutter Kicks: These strengthen your core and your legs, beach body here I come! If planks start hurting I switch to this exercise to still work on my core but it makes it easier to lay down and relax a bit while still about to keep moving.
Lying Leg Raise/Lift: This exercise is again another one to lay down, but it requires your legs and core to work.
Bird Dogs/ Alternating Reach and Kickback: I like this exercise again because it requires you to keep your back straight and it gives your shoulders movement. Strengthening your shoulders helps with back pain. 


  1. Thank you so much for making this article. I've had spinal fusion for about 5yrs now and have been looking for excercises that I can do that won't hurt my back and also help me stay fit all around.

    1. Same here! But my doctor have been convincing me to do surgery but I do not want to. I hope this exercise could help to improve my posture and my curvature. Btw thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for reading! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and found it useful!