10 Freebies To Make Your Blog Pretty

Hey Guys! It's Katie and I wanted to start of my blog with a list of freebies. Most of the freebies I have chose are the same ones I used to make my blog! 

I've had so much fun creating this blog and finding the perfect template, graphics, fonts, etc. I hope you enjoy these freebies as much as I have! If you have any trouble using these freebies, let me know and I will do my best to help!

These are the graphics I used for my header! I fell in love with how simple and clean they are to use. It was so easy to slap on some text, Voila! Instant, beautiful, and simple header! 
Water Color Patterns By Angie Makes 

I have yet to use these, but I love them! I will most likely use them for graphics I'll make using Canva, read more about that below. :) 

Blog Headers By Clementine Creative 
These blog headers are a great starter to make a pretty header and not have to work so hard. I love the watercolor theme and simplicity with these headers. Add some text in Gimp and you got yourself a pretty sweet header!


These two fonts are my favorite ones I've found so far! Since my blog is new this might change a few times, but I'm really loving the personalities of these fonts! 
"Titanium Chic" - Bakery

"Lifestyle - Beauty - DIY" - Caviar Dreams

Social Media Icons
Social Media Icons By Carrie Loves

This set of icons has to be by far the best set I've EVER came across! Let me break it down for you! 3 sizes. 30 icons. 100 colors. There are even glitter icons to add some sparkle to your blog! I love these! They are pretty basic, nothing fancy; but the amount of colors to choose from gives a endless possibilities on how to decorate your blog! Best of all? They are ALL free!!


When I decided to make a blog I wanted it to be cost free until I figured out if it's what I really wanted to do and until I found my niche in blogging. With a quick google search free Blogger themes poured into my screen. Most of them SUCKED. They were either meant for actual businesses or too busy for me. I finally found one that I could easily adapt to fit my blogging needs!
Minimal by themeXpose - This theme is the one I use. I like it a lot! It is very minimal as it states. Pun absolutely intended! Ha ha! I found it easy to make this template my very own with a personalized header, social icons, gadgets, and the overall layout.

As far as WordPress goes, I have tried it out and I liked it a lot, but I don't have the money fight now to put that much time, money, and work into it and not be sure it will be worth it. I did find a template I liked a lot though.

Sugar & Spice By alex27

*Note this is for wordpress.org not wordpress.com*

Free Editing Programs

Canva - This is by far one of my favorite editing software. It's what I like to call the "big sister" to picmonkey. It's super easy to use and the results are beautiful! The picture for this blog post was made with Canva.

Canva like picmonkey does charge so certain features and graphics. Canva charges a $1 for each graphic that isn't free. I have never bought anything on Canva and still love the results of my creations with the program.

Gimp -  Gimp is a free photoshop, it can even open the same files as photoshop! I have yet been able to excel in the program, but I have found numerous tutorials on youtube and various websites to show how to do things such as putting a image inside of text, texturing text, adding overlays. I like the free alternative, but it is a lot more difficult to get used to. I do recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to pay out the butt for a program that can be easily replaced with Gimp, Canva, and Pic Monkey. 

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